Google Spreadsheet is not a new tool. Nowadays, almost everyone uses these online sheets for their daily records. It has great resemblance to MS Excel,but certainly with plenty of differences from it /as well. This article aims to educate the readers & users of google sheets about its basic uses and some interesting features not widely known to them.

First things first, let me answer some basic questions on google sheets.
What are Google Sheets?
Google Sheets is google's free cloud based tool for creating and managing spreadsheets. Just like MS Excel, google spreadsheet allows us to organize, edit, analyze different types of information depending upon your need.
Features of Google Sheets: add fonts and templatescreate reports and chartsautomatically update reportsautomatically and intelligently complete addressesfree tools and detailed walkthroughs'filter viewscustom rules for conditional formattingavailable offlineFREEHow is it different from MS Excel?
Simplicity for Beginne…

Web 2.0: A World Full Of Possibilities

Hello Friends. In my first blog I am going to try and decode (rather try and make sense) the video by Prof. Michael Wesch on Web 2.0 titled "The Machine is Us/ing us", the link to which is attached here . The video deals with the evolution of the writing on web - from writing texts on paper to writing digital texts, and exploring its vast potential.

The video is a wonderful illustration of how Web 2.0 is changing the world and the way we use the net. This creation has brought flexibility in the way we surf on the net and promotes as well as connects us to a world of possibilities. Introduction of Hypertext has also opened the possibility of sharing our work and ideas along with option to collaborate with one another and co-create.

But HTML was the basic structure of a web document where form and content could not be separated. We learn that XML was developed to do such job. XML defines the set of rules of encoding documents in a f…